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Saying Farewell

This post has been a long time coming, but I really haven’t had the heart to write it—nor was anything close to finalized—and so off it was put. 

See that sign?

11-2-13 (12) 2

We sold our house.

We sold our house! 

We sold our house…

We sold our house???

We sold our house—and it’s so incredibly bittersweet that I can hardly stand it!

Hmmm…I really wasn’t sure how to write that sentence, but I think all of the above suffice.  For those scratching their heads and wondering where in the world this came from, let me provide a bit of background.  First, we purchased our little shanty back in 2010 to take advantage of the low housing prices and gain some sweet equity.  We had no idea what a whopper of work we were diving into.  Oh, how ignorance is bliss…

Jan 2010 (46) 2

We had no idea how much we would love our neighbors and the trees and the quaint aspects of downtown living…how many “firsts” we would experience in this place. 

June 2010 (10)

We had no idea how stinkin’ much God would bless our family in this home. 

Feb 2010 (18)

Our hearts have become so tangled up in this lovely place we call home—lovely for so many other reasons than paint colors (um, beige, beige, and more beige—color phobia girl talking) and furniture. 

Feb 2010 (1)

But, we also knew that a two bedroom, one bathroom house really wasn’t much to grow into.  Could we live here with more kiddos?  Sure.  Is it something we desire to do long-term?  Not really.  For a bunch of reasons, we really felt like it was time to sell.  After much deliberation, prayer, wheedling back and forth, talking with our realtor team, and just plain hashing it out late into the night, we put her on the market in September.  She went under contract in less than a month, and we were thrilled.  Then we got out of dodge and holed up in Hawaii, trying to forget the packing and planning awaiting us.  Then reality hit.  We purged, packed, and cleaned like mad.  And yesterday morning we officially closed on the house at 9 am.  While it was difficult to walk away, we are excited about the new homeowner.  He loves rock climbing and the tree-lined street—overall, he just  seems to appreciate the neighborhood and knows he got a great home.  We promised not to stalk the house.  : )

If you’re wondering where we’re planning to move to, well, join the crew!  We’ve kept a close eye on the housing market for quite awhile, and nothing has jumped out at us.  It’s possible that we’ll move into a new home build, but it’s also just as possible that we’ll find a pre-owned home as we continue to scout things out over the coming months.  For now, we plan to rent a home downtown (only a few blocks from our current place) from a family in our church.  But, at this very moment we’re living with friends while we wait for our rental to be emptied, which will happen toward the first part of December.

Life feels pretty nuts right now, but it’s good, because we trust in a God who is so good—all the time, as a dear friend so often reminds me.  I needed that reminder this past weekend when the realization hit me that so many of the things that have shaped my life are no longer going to exist.  Things like teaching, this home…two things that I’ve loved and honed and worked at with a great deal of passion over the years.  It’s a new season of life.  Sometimes that scares me—because I have no idea where we’ll land and what sort of vision I should have for what’s next—and yet it’s exciting to see what’s around the bend.  It’s also a reminder that no matter how important our daily doings are in shaping our identity, they are not ultimately where our true identity lies.

For those who’ve encouraged and helped us along the way, thank you!  And of course, we bid a fond farewell to the chic shanty that has given us some of our greatest grief (roof and rain post) and yet housed so much joy.

Mar 2010 (2)

7-10-12 (2)

Autumn Happenings

In between family visiting and traveling, we were able to squeeze in some favorite fall festivities. 

Our playgroup hit up the pumpkin patch, which ended up being super kid friendly.  They had an amazing petting zoo (we were allowed inside the pen with some of the animals!), corn bins, “train” and hay rides, and tire mazes. 

10-17-13 (5)

10-17-13 (2)

10-17-13 (19)

10-17-13 (1)

10-17-13 (35)

10-17-13 (37)

Look—no hands!  : )

9-14-13 (4)

Exploring in the backyard—sweatered and shoeless, I might add.  A+ parenting for the Brahams. 

9-23-13 (11)

9-23-13 (14)

9-23-13 (37)

9-23-13 (42)

9-23-13 (55)

10-31-13 (3)

Monkeyin’ around for Halloween.  Gotta love a $2 yard sale costume!  So sad I didn’t get a good photo of the tail.

10-31-13 (4)

10-31-13 (6)

10-31-13 (8)

However incriminating these photos might appear, Liam didn’t actually eat any candy—although his mama and papa may have enjoyed the treats so kindly provided by the neighbors…

10-31-13 (17)

Making sure Daddy had a good time while raking leaves…

11-2-13 (2)

11-2-13 (9)

11-2-13 (19)

11-2-13 (21)

Liam was actually quite industrious and really wanted to be Daddy’s helper! 

11-2-13 (33)

11-2-13 (28)

So thankful for such sweet moments and memories!

Our Hawaiian Adventure

After spending two weeks with the fam, we did a bunch of laundry and packed our bags again (no checked bags for the first time ever—woot!)—but this time headed for Hawaii! 

To give you a little background, we’ve been friends with fellow Midwesterners Brent and Karen since moving to Colorado seven years ago.  You may recall that we took a trip with them two years ago to Yellowstone and the Tetons.  During that vacation we decided that taking a trip every two years would be a super cool tradition for our families, especially for the kiddos.  The crazy part is that in Yellowstone Kaylee was the only kid—but now there are three of them!  Some of you know that Brent is a pilot (and a fellow Boilermaker—hail Purdue!—although I didn’t know him in college).  They generously granted us buddy passes for flying, which made the trip significantly less expensive, although a bit nerve-wracking at times, since we were flying standby.  Okay, so that’s actually a good place to begin, as the adventures started in the airport.  Aloha! 

Day 1

We left Colorado Springs early on a Friday morning.  After being picked up by Dan and grabbing some Micky D’s for breakfast (funny how we only eat McDonald’s while traveling), we met up with Karen and her two daughters, Kaylee and Nora, at the Colorado Springs Airport.  Brent was flying that day, so he planned to meet us in Hawaii.  The COS Airport is great, as it’s so small and easy to navigate.  Unfortunately, their security takes for.ev.ah.  Matt and I were literally the last ones on the plane, and practically ran to the gate—picture Home Alone, but with hardly any drama, because thankfully we were not at O’Hare.  Okay, so maybe don’t picture Home Alone.  Speaking of, I love watching that movie around the holidays!  Yeesh…digression.  Can you tell this is going to be a long post?  : )  So I’ll spare you all the nitty gritty details and tell you that we made it from COS to Salt Lake City, and from there to LAX.  Two flights done by noon.  Another stop at the LAX McDonald’s (twice in one day—which means twice in one year).  Then it got a little nutty.  Karen and her girls barely made it onto the flight to Honolulu, Oahu, but they scraped on at the last second.  Remember, we were all flying standby, and Matt and I had about the lowest priority possible.  That left us sitting in LAX trying to figure out how in the world we were going to get across the ocean to meet up with our friends. 

10-18-13 (2)

Long story short, Matt hopped online and saw that there was a flight leaving for Kauai with empty seats, so we were able to get on another plane.  Granted, we were headed to a different island than our friends, but at least we were going in the right direction.  : )  Since the plane was full, we weren’t able to sit by each other, and Liam was a lap child.  It was a long 5 1/2 hours, but thankfully Liam slept for over half of it in Matt’s arms (thank you, hon!).  We landed in Kauai late that night and quickly booked a hotel room in Lihue.  After a short taxi ride and showers, we conked out. 

Day 2

Crowing roosters awoke us bright and early the next morning.  Liam was up and at ‘em due to the four hour time change, so we quickly headed out to see the ocean (just beyond our doorstep!), and then ate breakfast at a yummy open-air place. 

10-19-13 (4)

Liam loved smelling the flowers in HI.

10-19-13 (3)

10-19-13 (5)

One of many roosters wandering the island.

10-19-13 (7)

10-19-13 (9)

Liam’s first glimpse of the ocean!

10-19-13 (10)

By 9 am we’d booked a rental car and were off to see the island before plane hopping over to Oahu that evening to be with our friends.  Let me just say that while our plans were completely not going according to plan, we loved getting to see another island, especially Kauai.  It is incredibly lush and wild, and the people were some of the friendliest I’ve ever encountered.  Apparently living in such a lovely place makes for some pretty happy folks.  : )  We ended up driving around the island to the Napoli Coast, where we spent some time on Ke’e Beach (so picturesque) and hiking a brief section of the Napoli Trail. 

10-19-13 (24)

10-19-13 (28)

10-19-13 (26)

Then we meandered back through tiny towns, stopping for burgers and Hawaiian BBQ, as well as at Hanalei Bay, where Liam experienced his first dip in the ocean.  It was pretty wavy, so he wasn’t all that thrilled, but he certainly warmed up to it over the next few days. 

10-19-13 (31)

10-19-13 (38)

10-19-13 (39)

10-19-13 (40)

10-19-13 (41)

10-19-13 (43)

10-19-13 (44)

10-19-13 (46)

After stopping to see some waterfalls,

10-19-13 (50)

we hightailed it to the airport where we caught a super short flight from Kauai to Oahu.  While we were sad to leave Kauai after such a short visit, we also felt so blessed to have experienced it in a small way.  Brent and Karen were waiting for us in Honolulu when we arrived, and thus began our next set of adventures!

Day 3

When deciding where to stay in Oahu, we landed on KoOlina, which is a resortish area on the southwest part of the island.  Our reasoning was that it would be more kid-friendly, as it has calmer beaches protected by coves.  While we enjoyed KoOlina, we found ourselves spending a fair amount of time on the road, as we loved being on the east side and North Shore areas of Oahu.  I’d like to say that if we did it again, we would stay in those areas, but it was very expensive, so I’m not sure we could swing it even if we wanted to.  Apparently the traffic in Honolulu is worse than LA, and it was necessary to drive through it often.  Thank goodness for lots of Oreo cookies.  : )  On our first day in KoOlina, we walked to the beach and introduced Liam to calm water.  He was skeptical at first, but soon was playing in the sand and water with Kaylee and Nora, his new buddies.  Lunch was a sample platter at a nearby Mexican restaurant, along with a gooey apple chimichanga for dessert.  Then we headed back to our condo so the kids could nap.  Matt and Brent ran back into town for some groceries, and Karen and I decided to walk back to the beach with the kids for an early evening on the beach.  It was the perfect time to play around in the sand while enjoying a sun set.  Somehow, I must have forgotten to take photos of this day—boo! 

Day 4

After resting up from all the traveling, we were ready to explore more of the island.  We took off for a morning hike up Diamond Head (a dormant volcano used as a watchtower during WWII)

10-21-13 (1)

and Lanikai Beach, which was a little tricky to find.  But I’m so glad we persevered, because it was definitely the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been on. 


10-21-13 (13)

We soaked it in as long as our stomachs would allow and then hopped back on the road in search of shrimp trucks and the North Shore.  The guys found a place that offered garlic shrimp and garlic fries, plus a side of fish.  It was all delicious, and of course, very garlicky.  Perhaps it’s a guy thing?  There were loads of middle school boys mowing on the garlic fries.  Then we were off to Sunset Beach, which apparently is a really famous surfing area near Waimea Bay.  The waves were huge, and Matt decided to jump right in, despite my objections.  In the end, the lure of the waves (and the cajoling of my husband) broke me, and I jumped in as well. 

10-21-13 (30)

Yup, those are Matt’s legs! 

10-21-13 (34)

Our cheering squad.  : )

10-21-13 (43)

Possibly my favorite photo of the trip—Brent and Matt (legs again) hurling themselves into the waves. 

10-21-13 (53)

Karen and I getting in on the wave action.

10-21-13 (59)

10-21-13 (60)

10-21-13 (61)

We had a total blast being pummeled by the waves, exhausting ourselves for the ride home.  Not too exhausted for Hawaiian shaved ice from Matsumoto’s though.  : ) 

Day 5

The next day we took off again, this time for Waikiki Beach, where the crowds are many and the waters are stunning.  Crystal clear, warm water was such a pleasure to relax in. 

10-22-13 (5)

10-22-13 (10)

10-22-13 (17)

This little dude adored plopping down in “water holes” and spent most of his beach time in some sort of sandy pit. 

10-22-13 (29)

10-22-13 (38)

10-22-13 (43)

Matt and Brent rented surf boards and rode some waves, while Karen and I hung out with the kiddos.  Later she and I rented some paddle boards and spent some time on the water ourselves.  Then it was coconut shrimp and burgers for a late lunch (I’m pretty sure I ate almost a burger per day) and back to KoOlina to meet Karen’s aunt and uncle and cousin for dinner at Longboard’s, which is a restaurant seated on the ocean.  There was a luau in process right next to us at the Disney Resort, and we were able to snag parts of it while waiting for our dinner.  It was pretty cool and helped entertain a tired Liam.

10-22-13 (58)

Day 6

By this point we were pretty exhausted, so we took a pool day.  Basically, we didn’t do anything too crazy, and it felt nice to just relax and rest up.



Day 7 

One of the best parts about going on vacation with your friends is that you sort of have built-in babysitters.  We had decided ahead of time that we would “kid swap” so that each couple could have a day to themselves.  So, Matt and I watched all three kiddos while Brent and Karen explored the island for an entire day.  Since they had the car, we walked over to the nearby resorts and spent the morning ogling their koi fish, sharks, and sting rays.  Liam totally would have jumped in with the fish if I’d let him—I was afraid they were going to eat his fingers!

10-24-13 (2)

10-24-13 (3)

10-24-13 (5)

After a lunch of tasty margarita pizza and then naps, we packed up the kids and headed to the beach for some afternoon sunshine. 

10-24-13 (11)

10-24-13 (42)

10-24-13 (58)

10-24-13 (62)

10-24-13 (106)

Liam loved the outdoor showers, too. 

10-24-13 (93)

Day 8

Hoping to make the most of our kid-free day, Matt and I crept out of the condo at 6:45 am and headed back to Waikiki, where Matt had booked us a private surf lesson!  Honestly, I was not too sure about it, picturing myself being tossed about by massive waves, but it ended up being the highlight of our trip.  Our instructor was really cool (pretty much picture your typical laid-back surfer, but also a dad and business owner).  He took us to an off-the-beaten-path spot where it was far less crowded and the waves were bigger—maybe 4-5 feet?  After a ten minute lesson on the lawn, we paddled our boards out to where the waves were breaking, and then we just started riding waves!  It sounds like I’m kidding, but actually I’m not.  Our instructor pushed me into a wave, and I kind of freaked out and plopped into the water, but after that first attempt, I was able to actually stand up and surf!  It was pretty amazing.  Of course, we fell a few more times, but I also felt improvement with each new wave.  Sadly, we only snapped this lame photo of our surf boards. 

10-25-13 (1)

We kept joking that we should ask some surfers if we could borrow their boards for a picture, but I felt like too much of a poser to do it.  Heeding our instructor’s advice, we lunched at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers (it did not disappoint—yum!), and then made our way to Hunauma Bay, which is a gorgeous snorkel spot. 

10-25-13 (4)

10-25-13 (5)

10-25-13 (9)

From what I recall, it’s actually a volcanic crater where a reef hosts all sorts of colorful ocean life.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling, I was pretty tired and needed a break before Matt.  While he was exploring on his own, he saw several sea turtles, which was high on his wish list.  We didn’t really have an agenda after snorkeling, so we decided to drive around the coast again.  On our way to the North Shore, we stopped at the Blow Hole, where Matt once again took to the waves. 

10-25-13 (12)

10-25-13 (13)

10-25-13 (20)

Then we caught the tail end of a sunset at Sunset Beach before searching for dinner. 

10-25-13 (23)

We originally thought we’d grab a shrimp plate at the infamous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, but it was closed.  After a bit of debate, we dined at Luibueno’s on really tasty queso and fish tacos.  It was a crazy fun day, and I loved getting to hang out with my hubby in such a special place. 

Day 9

On our last full day in Hawaii, we decided to hit up Waikiki Beach once more, after first stopping at a farmer’s market, where we loaded up on local foods and the best huli huli chicken I think I’ve ever eaten. 

10-26-13 (1)

10-26-13 (4)


Dinner was at Nico’s on Pier 38, where an oyster shell kept Liam’s attention. 

10-26-13 (12)

We tried to get a photo of all the kids together, and this is pretty much our best shot.  It totally cracks me up.

10-26-13 (13)

10-26-13 (14)

10-26-13 (15)

A mad game of Euchre 500 ended the day.  : )

Day 10

Knowing that our flight wasn’t until after 9 pm, we spent the morning packing, and then headed out to enjoy the North Shore once again, stopping by Giovanni’s for a shrimp plate, Matsumoto’s for more shaved ice, another delicious huli huli chicken at a local farmer’s market, and the Dole Plantation for amazing pineapple whipped ice cream (shout out to my favorite Bluffton Street Fair attendees, Ross & Leah!), along with a train ride for the kiddos. 

10-27-13 (2)




10-27-13 (6)

I think at this point we were all feeling pretty tired, and the kids were showing some signs of “too much vacation” (Bernstein Bears, anyone?).  Of course, that entitles anyone to eat their way through the island.  : )  During our last nostalgic stop at the beach, we spied two huge sea turtles hanging out on the sand during sunset.

10-27-13 (15)

10-27-13 (18)

10-27-13 (24)

10-27-13 (36)

10-27-13 (38)

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves at the airport with hyper kids and another nail-biting standby list.  Thankfully, we all made it onto the massive plane and our kids were able to use their car seats—a huge blessing, considering it was an overnight flight from Honolulu to Salt Lake City.  Liam was out within minutes of getting settled on the plane, and Matt and I were also able to catch a few winks here and there. 

10-28-13 (1)

Day 11

Being woken up by the pilot upon arrival at Salt Lake, we were pretty groggy.  We tried to catch a final flight into Denver, but we didn’t make the cut.  Being tuckered out after a long night’s travel, we decided to rent a cheap hotel room to shower and sleep.  Matt had to work, so he hooked up to the internet at the airport while the rest of us cashed out (amazingly all the kids did too) for a few hours at the hotel.  Then we scrambled back to the airport hoping to catch a late afternoon flight (and I do mean scrambled, because it was at this point I realized I’d left my ID with Matt, who was back at the airport…Brent was able to retrieve it, so it all worked out, but there is nothing like forgetting your ID to get the blood pumping a little harder).  It got a little nutty at this point, since Brent and Karen’s family caught a flight on a different plane than us.  Matt and I were the last people called on our separate flight, and we breathed a huge sigh of relief when the plane taxied off the runway.  After an uneventful and blessedly short flight, we landed in Denver, where Dan picked us up and drove us back to the Springs.  And thus ends our Hawaiian adventure!  It was definitely a trip we’ll remember forever!


Winter Park with the Fam

Can you believe it’s November already?!  We had such a whirlwind October, that it felt almost as if we skipped straight from September to November—and yet so much happened during that time!  The first few weeks were spent with my family.  My mom arrived via the Amtrak train (fun, right?), and then the rest of my family trickled in over the course of the next week; we eventually landed in Winter Park, CO, where we bunked up at a condo my parents won at the Gateway Woods Auction.  Enjoy the highlights!

Snacking our way through Shuga’s menu.  It’s worth a trip for their almond cake alone!  We may have gone twice in one week… 

10-1-13 (5) 

Checking out the rides at the Manitou Penny Arcade.  They have endless amounts of kid rides, which was the perfect break for Liam after a yummy breakfast at Adam’s Mountain Café.  Honk, honk—coming through!

10-3-13 (6)

Hanging out with his buddy, Grandpa Popsie.  By the way, notice the sweaters?  Yup, all knit by Liam’s talented Grandma Mimsie.  People stop us all the time asking if we got them at the Baby GAP.  Lots of gushing tends to ensue.  : )


Playing with Aunt Hannah’s fun thrift store find.

10-7-13 (12)

Enjoying Devil’s Thumb Ranch and trying valiantly not to step in manure while taking photos.  I was only semi-successful… Although the food was just okay, we loved the atmosphere at the ranch.  I would love to go back and spend more time around the huge outdoor fire pit.  And although we didn’t get any pictures of it, the Tabernash Tavern was delish—although pricey. 

10-7-13 (4)

10-7-13 (7)

10-7-13 (6)

The guys golfed at Pole Creek—a course loaded with incredible views—while the ladies tried to shop around town.  Unfortunately, only a handful of stores were open, but we still had a good time. 

10-7-13 (1)

Aunt Hannah and Liam at the park.  Love this pic!


Completely breaking the law on the ride back to the condo—it was easier than taking out Liam’s car seat, and we figured no one would recognize Hannah all incognito in her scarf. 


We also took mini hikes around the condo each morning, which I loved.  The weather was so lovely.





Thanks for making the trek to Colorado, fam!  We loved spending time with you, and we’re so grateful that Liam has such awesome aunts and of course, a killer uncle.  Also, a huge thanks to Mom and Dad for ultimately making the trip happen. 


The whole squinty-eyed crew.  : )


Enjoying Estes Park

I did not see the mountains on my first-ever trip to Colorado.  I was in them, but I didn’t actually experience their beauty, because it was masked by an epic snow storm that completely buried our van and kept us house-bound for the entire week (although we did snowshoe to the local gas station to pick up some food, as the lone jar of Crisco in the pantry just wasn’t cutting it).  That was during a girl’s road trip to CO over Purdue’s spring break, and while I cherish those memories, I’m glad I didn’t really know what I was missing.  Now we have the amazing opportunity to spend time in the mountains on a fairly regular basis, so I think I’m over it.  : )  Our most recent trip consisted of staying with Rog & Sue (fellow Indiana transplants as of April) in Estes Park over Labor Day weekend.  In addition to hiking, we also hit up the infamous Donut Haus (best hole-in-the-wall donut shop ever!!) and the local art fair.  Plus I took a nap each afternoon—bliss! 

9-1-13 (1)

Liam loved pointing at all the trees while we hiked.  I mean, he did have a killer view from our hiking carrier—not a bad way to experience the mountains! 

9-1-13 (6)

Getting him to look at the camera is another story…

9-1-13 (11)

9-1-13 (14)

9-1-13 (18)

Our view during a picnic lunch up at Mill’s Lake. 

9-1-13 (40)

9-1-13 (48)

9-2-13 (8)

9-2-13 (10)

Liam thinks rocks are the bee’s knees. 

9-2-13 (20)

How Time Flies

If you don’t believe that time flies, then tell me how this…

5-30-12 (3)

is now this!?!!

8-30-13 (7)


In honor of our little guy growing up, here are some favorite photos from summer 2013.

7-29-13 (1)

And no, we haven’t been hiding a second kiddo all this time…that’s Liam’s buddy in the tiger pajamas. 

8-3-13 (1)

8-11-13 (2)

8-11-13 (6)

8-11-13 (19)

8-11-13 (25)

8-14-13 (7)

8-26-13 (2)

8-26-13 (5)

8-27-13 (4)

8-27-13 (34)

8-28-13 (2)

9-2-13 (15)

8-31-13 (5)

8-31-13 (4)

Stair Runner

In case you’re thinking that I’m into running up and down stairs, let me gently correct you.  I do not exercise.  Or maybe having a 15 month old means that you are exempt from exercise because they keep you on your toes constantly.  At least it’s a nice thought, right?  : ) 

When I last left off, we had stripped our basement stairs of their rubber treads and were planning to put down a runner rug instead.  This is where I’m supposed to tell you that we simply picked up a few rugs at IKEA, borrowed a nail gun and compressor from a friend, and then installed it on a relaxed Saturday afternoon whilst  Liam played happily with his toys. 

Want the real story?  I know you do.  The reality is that DIY doesn’t go as planned most of the time, and sometimes you just need to know that you’re not alone in the craziness. 

Real story:

* Several months ago I picked up some striped runner rugs from the Denver IKEA for the stairs. 

ALSLEV Rug, flatwoven IKEA The rug has the same pattern on both sides, so you can turn it over for additional wear and a longer life.

* We brought them home and quickly decided that we only needed two runner rugs instead of four—yay for saving some cash—only to decide about five minutes later that the white stripes were begging to get dirty, and there was no way they would look nice for the long haul.  *SIGH* 

* Several weeks later, on another trip to Denver, I exchanged the striped rugs for some sisal indoor/outdoor ones that we thought would stand up to heavy traffic.  This time I bought a long runner and a short rug, since it seemed like we had so much extra rug previously.

EGEBY Rug, flatwoven IKEA The rug is hard-wearing and durable because it’s made of sisal, a natural fiber taken from the agave plant.

* Several weeks later (are you catching the pattern?) we asked Grandma Cheryl to babysit Liam while we worked on installing the rug.  We thought it would take about two hours, give or take. 

* We buckled down to work while Grandma and Liam were on a walk, only to find that the nails we were using were too small!  They kept slipping through the rug, and it’s just wasn’t staying in place.  Matt ran to the closest hardware store and picked up several others tools, including longer nails and a heavy duty staple gun, plus some extra carpet tape.  By then it was time for Liam’s nap, so we hung our heads dejectedly and decided to wait for another day.  Oh, we also realized that we needed two long runner rugs, because we were coming up short. Apparently my vague estimates measuring skills are seriously lacking…

* Several weeks later we headed to Denver yet again, but this time for a relaxing weekend away.  On the way up we popped into IKEA and exchanged the short rug for another long runner rug.  Since the cashier and I were practically BFFs at this point, the exchange took less than a minute—whoohoo!

* Another week passed and we started talking about how we really should finish up the stairs.  Around 8:30 pm on Sunday night, Matt got a text from his friend asking for the nail gun and compressor back…at 9 pm!  We freaked out and begged for an extra hour.  Thankfully, his friend had mercy on us and the curfew was extended.

* And with that kick in the pants, we quickly got in our groove and finished installing the runner by about 10 pm that night.  It actually went pretty smoothly once we had all the right tools and rugs. 

* In spite of all the hoopla along the way, we’re loving the finished product!  In addition to looking a bazillion times better, the rug muffles sound, which makes for a happy mama when the baby is sleeping. 

8-27-13 (14)

8-27-13 (6)

8-27-13 (5)

A last look…

6-28-13 (1)

8-27-13 (8)