A Tisket – A Tasket – A Thanksgiving Basket

We desire thankfulness to embed itself deep in our family roots. 

It sounds easy, being grateful and all, but if we’re not intentional, we tend to take things—and people—for granted.  Oh, you too?  So we skipped right past No-Shave-November and instead kicked off the month by setting up a simple basket to be filled with notes of gratitude.  


I took this photo early on, but our little basket is starting to fill up with words that bring a bit of flesh to the thoughts that flit through our minds between the busy and mundane and joyful hours. 


Come Thanksgiving day next week, together we’ll read through the words expressing gratitude—a tiny tribute to all the blessings that God lavishes on us—yes, lavishes. 

Who knows?  Perhaps the basket will stick around past November, because the reality is that this crusty heart of mine needs more than one month to cultivate a habit of thankfulness. 


I’d love to hear how you bring a bit of creativity to the season.  Share, please!

P.S. Speaking of No-Shave-November AND blessings…

10-20-12 (6)

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