Mastering Mobility

Independence + excitement over newfound skills + parental terror = baby mobility.

Yes, my friends, it has arrived.  I sense we are on the brink of a very different season in the world of parenting.  Check out Liam’s various modes of transport during this past month.  

Bundled up for a winter stroll. 


Hitching a ride on Dad’s back on a hike through Red Rocks Open Space—enjoying the view from up high!



Paddling his pint-sized squishy canoe on a play date at Whit’s End.


Hanging out with Mom and Dad on a lazy Saturday afternoon.




Doing the worm!

2-9-13 (51)

2-9-13 (36)

2-9-13 (39)

2-9-13 (67)

2-9-13 (77)

2-9-13 (1)

Any words of wisdom for this new stage?  : )

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