Enjoying Estes Park

I did not see the mountains on my first-ever trip to Colorado.  I was in them, but I didn’t actually experience their beauty, because it was masked by an epic snow storm that completely buried our van and kept us house-bound for the entire week (although we did snowshoe to the local gas station to pick up some food, as the lone jar of Crisco in the pantry just wasn’t cutting it).  That was during a girl’s road trip to CO over Purdue’s spring break, and while I cherish those memories, I’m glad I didn’t really know what I was missing.  Now we have the amazing opportunity to spend time in the mountains on a fairly regular basis, so I think I’m over it.  : )  Our most recent trip consisted of staying with Rog & Sue (fellow Indiana transplants as of April) in Estes Park over Labor Day weekend.  In addition to hiking, we also hit up the infamous Donut Haus (best hole-in-the-wall donut shop ever!!) and the local art fair.  Plus I took a nap each afternoon—bliss! 

9-1-13 (1)

Liam loved pointing at all the trees while we hiked.  I mean, he did have a killer view from our hiking carrier—not a bad way to experience the mountains! 

9-1-13 (6)

Getting him to look at the camera is another story…

9-1-13 (11)

9-1-13 (14)

9-1-13 (18)

Our view during a picnic lunch up at Mill’s Lake. 

9-1-13 (40)

9-1-13 (48)

9-2-13 (8)

9-2-13 (10)

Liam thinks rocks are the bee’s knees. 

9-2-13 (20)

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